Save the Date - 4th November 2017

tramadol h c l 50 mg Welcome to the web site of the Portland Upwelling Festival, a celebration of the natural wonders brought to the town of Portland by the Bonney Upwelling.  Presented by the Upwelling Festival Committee Inc., the Upwelling Festival is a free, one-day event in Portland, Victoria which offers a fantastic and vibrant way for the community and visitors to celebrate the unique features of our beautiful coastal town.

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The Bonney Upwelling

skelaxin and tramadol Spring winds kick off a remarkable time in the waters off the coast of Portland. Through a combination of dynamic environmental events, these waters become the Bonney Upwelling, the richest marine feeding area in Australia.

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Get Involved This year why not get involved?

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tramadol renal failure Download the application form to enter the Swim for the Cross.

200mg tramadol first time We invite your group/club/society to be part of this year’s fantastic Street Parade. Contact Mike Risk on 0427 810 674 or email Sponsorship of Portland’s Upwelling Festival is an ideal way to demonstrate your organisation’s involvement in and support of the Portland community whilst enjoying the benefits that sponsorship offers.  For further information on benefits and sponsoring this year’s Upwelling Festival, please contact our secretary Linda at All support is appreciated.

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