Aims of the Upwelling Festival - Saturday, 4th November 2017

The Upwelling Festival Portland is a community celebration of the Bonney Upwelling, presented by the Upwelling Festival Committee Inc and includes partnerships with a variety of organistions, charities, government and private business, individuals and community groups to ensure this festival is a success. 

The Bonney Upwelling is a unique and epic natural ocean phenomena where the spring winds shift to the south-east, driving a change in ocean currents that powers a seven month feeding frenzy of tuna, crayfish, giant crabs, squid, fish, seabirds, seals, krill and blue whales. An incredibly rich ecological food web, the Upwelling is at its greatest off the coast of Portland and is the cornerstone of the lucrative local fishing and tourism inductry.

The Upwelling festival aims to

  • promote the uniqueness of the Bonney Upwelling through a creative community festival program
  • present a festival with a locally relevant environmental theme
  • encourage a widespread community participation in the festival
  • include community arts projects with an emphasis on excellence and provide opportunities for local artists
  • maintain the festival as a free, one-day event
  • create a sustainable festival which aims to become a pivotal tourism attraction for Portland and the region.